Questions & Answers

Many customers often have the same questions--Our Q & A page makes it easier for site visitors to understand things simply and clearly. We've created some sample Q & A's here as examples:

Q: Is it really expensive to make my own design with mycreations?
A: The price depends on the complexity of the piece, the size--as that will affect how much precious metal is used, and any gemstones you require. Tell us what you envision and we can often provide you an estimated price range in our first conversation.

Q: Can I use my own metal and stones from other pieces I already own?
A: Sure, we encourage people to up-cycle their under-loved or out of date jewelry.

Q: How long does it take from start to completion?
A: Normally, your finished piece is completed between 4-6 weeks from receiving your deposit.

Q: Can you help me find special gemstones or colored diamonds to make the piece I have in mind?
A: Yes, we do offer that service, as we have several reputable suppliers of quality gemstones at all price points so we can keep your budget in check.

Q: What is required to start the process?
A: We require 50% of the total price to start the process. It is non-refundable once we've started work. The balance is due once we've notified you with a photo of your item that the piece is completed to your satisfaction.

Q: Can I watch the process on my piece in your studio?
A: We have several pieces that we are working on at any given time. But with advance notice and an appointment, we can arrange for you to watch the bench jeweler assigned to your item via our closed circuit television monitors that can be delivered to your pc or mobile device.